Zamboanga City’s lady Pilot Trending on Social Media


Another pride from Zamboanga City had soared high October last year, and it made rounds after the Zamboanga City Pilots Club, a page on Facebook, shared her photos—the post itself trended with almost 25K reactions, 2K comments, and 16K shares.

As stated by the said page, the Zamboangeña pilot is from San Roque, Zamboanga City. She is identified as First Officer Charlene Mendoza, and is now a licensed AirBus 320 pilot. In 2017, she began her dreams and earned her degree at Air Link International Aviation College.

She graduated from Ateneo De Zamboanga University High School in 2014, and soon entered an aviation college to start off her flying course. Now, it has been a year since First Officer Mendoza finished her First Officer Transition Course in Alpha Aviation Group Philippines.

“Fly High, Mam!” the Zamboanga City Pilots Club wrote.

It added with a #Diatuneste, “Alsa Bandera de Zamboanga!”

Many Zamboangeños congratulated the Lady Pilot in the comment section, here are the few comments from them:

“Congrats Mam Fly High, at God Bless you, A pride of San Roque, Zambo, City.”

“Wow pretty lady pilot in the air… Congrats & Salute to you!”

”Salute you congrats godbless always on your trip.”