‘Unicorn’ dog with one ear in the middle of its head becomes an online sensation


Last year, you may have read about Narwhal the ‘unicorn’ puppy who went viral because of the tail he had growing out of his forehead.

After being taken in by Mac’s Mission – a nonprofit dog’s rescue shelter – Narwhal was later adopted by the company’s founder, Rochelle Steffen.

But fear not dog/unicorn lovers out there, because a new unicorn pup has found popularity on social media due to her rather unique appearance.

Meet Rae – an adorable Golden Retriever puppy with a single ear growing out of the middle of her head.

According to Rae’s owner – a woman named Sam – Rae suffered an accidental injury at birth that resulted in her losing her left ear. Over time as she grew, her right ear migrated to the top of her head, resulting in what looks like a fluffy horn.

After sharing a video of Rae on TikTok, the one-of-a-kind pooch immediately went viral.

Check out this video of Rae playing around – just look at that ear flap around:

Therefore, Sam decided to set up a few social media accounts so that Rae’s fans from around the globe could keep up with her everyday life.

Since setting up an Instagram account for Rae – @goldenunicornrae – back in February, the popular pup has already amassed an impressive 12.4K followers and counting! And it really is no surprise, Rae is absolutely adorable.

Rae’s feed is filled with pics and videos of the adorable pup playing, posing, and Sam even shares Rae’s adventures while the pup sees her friends at doggy daycare:

Seriously, I don’t actually think my heart can handle how pure this is. For more ‘pupdates’ on Rae’s life, go give her Instagram a follow – you won’t regret it!

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