Rufa Mae Quinto, Ginulat Ang Publiko Matapos Ipakita Ang Bagay Na Ito Na Talagang Ikinatakot Ng Lahat


Actress and comedian Rufa Mae Quinto recently shared a heart breaking update on her Instagram account.

Rufa Mae is currently residing in San Francisco, California together with her daughter and her husband and she witnessed the horrifying wildfire that occurred near her place.

On a video she uploaded on her account, she gave her fans a closer look on how dark the skies look and how saddening it was to see that the trees and the whole place is burning on fire.

Fortunately, she and her whole family is safe in her house but she can still feel the heat coming from the wild fire even if they made sure to already close all the doors and the windows.

“Good morning, guys! Morning na talaga pero gabi pa rin kasi nag-wildfire,” she said as she showed the view outside from their house.

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A lot of her fans wished for the actress safety, to which she replied with warm gratitude.

On a separate post, she uploaded another video capturing the huge smoke coming from the area and said that its already 12 noon in San Francisco yet no sun is to be seen.

Rufa Mae said that the cause of the wild fire is because of the city’s too much heat.

“Kasalukuyang 12:00 🕛 pm dito. Tanghaling tapat sa San Francisco pero ito po ang labas namin… nakaka shock man, Kailangan , maging strong 💪 keep calm and carry on! Bay bridge 🌉” Rufa wrote.

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“Added her, “Nagulat ako pag gising ko kala ko pa sunrise palang .. tapos Isip Isip lobo na ba? 😂char! Ayun pala , ganyan ang kapaligiran kasi may wildfire dahil may heatwave ang long weekend Labor Day dito”

California and other neighboring countries are known by encountering these kinds of incidents way too frequent because of the intensity of the heat scorching on the whole area during summer.

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“Sa sobrang init , madaming nasusunog ang fields ,forest ,grass, trees 🙏mountains . Lahat ng taga dito Sabi , first time it happened ever in this lifetime , Anyways, keep safe guys.” the actress continued.

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