RUDY Baldwin, Pinuntahan na ang Bulkang Taal, at Pinayuhan Ang Mga Tao Na lumikas na, himala na lang daw ang kailangan


Rudy Baldwin burst into tears as she stated her vision for Taal Volcano

Staring at the Taal volcano from afar, Rudy Baldwin could not hold back her tears as a journalist from a Facebook page Calamba City Updates asked about her Batangas vision on Sunday, September 27.

The Calamba City Updates uploaded an interview video with Rudy Baldwin that already had 286 reactions, 71 comments, and 353 shares on Facebook. Baldwin was at the farthest area where she could actually see the Taal Lake, and she immediately entertained a journalist who approached to interview her about her recent vision for Batangas, specifically for Taal Volcano.

When asked about what she saw in her Batangas vision, Baldwin immediately answered that the the bottom of Taal volcano apparently smoldered.

“Malinaw na malinaw ‘yung ilalim ng bulkan nagbabaga,” she answered.
It was January 12, 2020 when the Taal exploded after so many years, and it calmly stopped for almost seven months now.

However, that didn’t mean that it had already normalized.

“Magkakalindol, kunting kibot ng lindol,” Baldwin warned.

“Ang mapapayo ko mag-prag na lang,” she advised.

A few moments later, Rudy Baldwin couldn’t help but slightly burst into tears as she stared at the volcano from afar. She repeated that it was only God who has the power to save everyone from what’s about to happen.