Loyal Dog Keeping Boy Company During Time-Out Proves He’s Man’s Best Friend

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If you were ever doubting the fact that dogs truly are a human’s best friend, I invite you to look at this heart-warming friendship between three-year-old Peyton and his beloved doggy.

The toddler had been sent to ‘time-out’ by his mum, Jillian Marie Smith, after he had got into a fight with his three-year-old sister.

Jillian says she gave her son two choices: go to your room, or have a time out.

Rather than go to his room, Peyton decide to march over to his usual time-out spot, where he placed his head against the wall to take his punishment.

He wasn’t left to serve his time alone for too long, however, as within moments his four-legged best friend Dash, an English mastiff, decided to join him in solidarity.

Despite Peyton’s naughty moment, Jillian couldn’t help but capture the heart-warming moment on camera.

Sharing the sweet picture on Facebook, the mum wrote:

When you’re in time-out but your best pal won’t let you serve your time alone.

I think that’s what you call friendship goals.

The photo has been shared more than 43,000 times at the time of the writing, with Jillian confessing she couldn’t stay mad at her child for long.

‘I couldn’t be mad long because it was just so cute how Peyton wrapped his arm around Dash,’ she told. ‘When Peyton had to go to time-out, I think Dash knew he needed his buddy.’

Dash’s simple act of kindness is just one example of the impact he’s had on the family.

‘Dash has made life happier for the whole family,’ she explained. ‘Most of all, for Peyton. If you ask Peyton, Dash is his buddy.’

Fortunately, Peyton and Dash’s time-out soon came to an end, and the unstoppable duo were allowed to go back to their everyday routine of playing, cuddling, having fun and just generally enjoying each other’s company.

Being a typical three-year-old boy, this probably won’t be the last time Peyton finds himself on the receiving end of a telling-off from his mum, but at least he’s got Dash by his side to keep him on the straight and narrow, and to stand by his side when things get a little rough.

Dogs truly are the best friends a human can ask for.

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