Apple Is Finally Releasing An Eye-Roll Memoji


After people were blown away with the latest slew of emojis to use in 2020, Apple is stepping up its game to give users a new way to express how they feel.

Memojis have taken the world by storm and allowed people to record videos of their virtual selves.

But now, people are able to send each other memojis throwing full-on shade.

Credit: Apple
Credit: Apple

In the latest iOS 13.4 update, users can send a bevy of new memojis, one of which is a goddamn eye-roll. No doubt this will rocket up people’s list of most used memojis

In addition to the brilliant passive aggressive eye-roll, you’ll now also be able to make your virtual self sit behind a laptop (Macbook, obviously), be surrounded by love hearts, look excited to see someone, pretend you’re on X Factor and pulling a Simon ‘it’s a no from me’ Cowell, pray, be angry, and celebrate.

You’ll soon be able to use these in iMessage, FaceTime and any other app that works with the existing keyboard function.

It’s worth noting that these memoji updates are a part of a beta testing phase so they won’t be available to every single person on the planet with an iPhone or iPad. But if everything goes according to plan then hopefully you can be sending them left, right and centre.


If memojis aren’t your thing then fear not, there are a bunch of emojis that have been released that will likely take your fancy. A whopping 117 new emojis are coming to your smartphone soon and loads of them look absolutely epic.

One of the best is called ‘Pinched Fingers’, which loads of people will assume is the hand gesture very synonymous with Italian people.

No doubt that will do down well with virtually every message you ever send from now on. We’ll also be getting some super sick ninja emojis, which, of course, come in a variety of colours to suit all ethnicities.

The new 'pinching fingers' emoji is going down well online (Credit: Emojipedia)
The new ‘pinching fingers’ emoji is going down well online (Credit: Emojipedia)

My personal favourite is the Everything’s Fine emoji, a smiley face that is also crying. Because what better way to tell your friends that you’re hanging on by a thread but also keeping a brave face than an emoji.

Who needs words these days?

Smartphones will also be updated with a variety of parents, both male, female and gender neutral, who are nursing a child. But it doesn’t stop there, we’ve also been given an update on gender roles at someone’s big day, meaning you’ll get a man and woman in a tuxedo as well as a man and woman in a wedding gown.

There’s also a gender neutral Santa Claus in there for good measure.

Featured Image Credit: Apple

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