25 Korean Movies MUST WATCH If You Loved “Parasite”


Recently, we asked the Community to share their must-see Korean movies for those of us that loved Parasite. Here are all of their recommendations:

1. Train To Busan

Next Entertainment World
What it’s about: When a zombie virus breaks out in South Korea, passengers onboard a train from Seoul to Busan must fight to survive.

Community review: “Train To Busan is my favourite zombie movie ever. It is brilliant and will tug on your heartstrings in ways that you wouldn’t expect.” —antisocialachromatic

2. Burning

Pinehouse Film
What it’s about: While making a delivery in his hometown, Paju, Jong-su reconnects with Hae-mi, a former classmate who used to live in the same neighbourhood. This quickly turns sour when Hae-mi returns on a trip from Africa with Ben, a rich and mysterious man, who confesses to a secret hobby.

The movie is also based on Barn Burning, a short story by Haruki Murakami who has authored other bestsellers, like Kafka On The Shore and 1Q84. —katyaj91

3. A Tale Of Two Sisters

B.O.M. Film Productions Co.
What it’s about: After being treated in a mental institution, Su-mi returns home to her younger sister, father and cruel stepmother. Strange and disturbing things start happening, all of which are connected to the family’s dark past.

This movie is the highest-grossing Korean horror film of all time, so strap yourself in a for a ride. —ishycam

4. I Saw The Devil

Peppermint & Company
What it’s about: A secret intelligence agent sets off on a path of revenge after his fiancé is murdered by a dangerous serial killer.

Community review: “This movie is a non-stop thriller with a gut wrenching ending that’ll stay with you.” —adrianaa415ffb068

5. Memories of Murder

CJ Entertainment
What it’s about: Two detectives — Park and Seo — set out to solve multiple cases of women being found raped and murdered by an unknown culprit.

This is another one from Bong Joon-ho and is based on the true story of Korea’s first serial murders. Last year, police even announced that they identified the killer after a search that spanned over three decades. —sasanini319

6. Forgotten

Megabox Plus M
What it’s about: Jin-seok’s brother, Yoo-seok, suddenly reappears with no memory of his abduction or the past 19 days. At first, the family believes this is because Yoo-seok has repressed the ordeal, but Jin-seok becomes suspicious after he notices differences in his brother’s personality and behaviour.

Community review: “This is exactly the sort of movie that will mess with your mind AND has an unexpected ending, which is why it’s so good!” – anaale

7. The Vengeance Trilogy
Show East, CJ Entertainment
What it’s about: The Vengeance Trilogy is a series of three films — Sympathy for Mr VengeanceOldboy and Lady Vengeance — directed by Park Chan-wook. They’re not connected by narrative, but each movie deals with the similar themes of violence, revenge and redemption.

Sympathy For Mr Vengeance follows a deaf factory worker who is trying to earn enough money to pay for his sister’s kidney transplant. After being laid off, he is driven to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy man for ransom money.

Oldboy tells the story of Oh Dae-su, a man who has been imprisoned in a hotel room-like cell for 15 years. One day he is released — without explanation — and given five days to learn who and why he was captured. Bonus fact: An American version of this movie was made in 2013 by Spike Lee.

And lastly, Lady Vengeance tells the story of a woman who was wrongfully imprisoned for 13 years. After completing her sentence, she seeks revenge against the real murderer.

Community review: “In Oldboy, there’s this awesome fight choreography and the twist ending will leave you feeling sick to your stomach in a Greek tragedy sort of way.” —jconway

8. A Hard Day

Showbox / Mediaplex
What it’s about: While driving back from his mother’s funeral, a corrupt detective runs over a homeless man. He covers it up and drives way, thinking he has gotten away with it until a witness comes forward.

Community review: A Hard Day is great for fans of Parasite. It’s got the same kind of dark humour mixed in with suspense — which makes it hilarious, but also so thrilling. Plus, Lee Sun-kyun, who plays the rich dad in Parasite, is in it. —woooooexo

9. Okja

What it’s about: A young girl goes head-to-head against a powerful company to prevent them from kidnapping her best friend, the Okja. It’s also directed by Bong Joon-ho — aka the same genius who brought us Parasite.

Community review: “It’s definitely a different vibe than Parasite, but just as amazing in its own way.” —katyaj91

10. The Wailing

20th Century Fox Korea

Community review: “The Wailing is FUCKING scary. Do not watch it, but also, do — if you get my gist.” —jungtheol

11. A Taxi Driver

What it’s about: Based on a real-life story, a widowed father and taxi driver inadvertently becomes involved in the 1980 Gwangju Uprising.

Community review: “A Taxi Driver has such an amazing story and characters. It’ll make you feel all sorts of emotions.” —megitymeg

12. The Silenced

Lotte Entertainment
What it’s about: Cha Ju-ran is sent to a mysterious girls’ boarding school to recover from her illness. While undergoing the headmistresses’ special treatment program, she notices the students disappearing one by one and starts investigating. —twoodfin22

What it’s about: A boy is kidnapped as an infant and then raised by a group of criminals whom he all calls “dad”.

Community review: “The storytelling and acting in Hwayi is brilliant! The boy’s distinct relationships with each ‘dad’ stand out so well and the character development he goes through with each of them is fantastically done. 100% would recommend!” —woooooexo

14. Monster

CJ Entertainment
What it’s about: After Bok-soon’s younger sister is murdered for accidentally finding out the truth about the man in the forest, she begins planning her revenge. —mmayer695

15. The Age of Shadows

Warner Bros
What it’s about: Korean resistance fighters attempt to destroy facilities controlled by the Japanese through the use of explosives.

Community review: “While it’s not along the same vein as Parasite, this beautiful movie will have you on the edge of your seat. It’s about the Korean resistance during the Japanese occupation of Korea, a history not everyone knows about and shouldn’t be forgotten to time. It also stars Song Kang-ho and Gong Yoo from Parasite!” —lobecca

16. Mother

CJ Entertainment
What it’s about: A mother goes on a quest to uncover who framed her son for a girl’s horrific murder. Oh, and FYI — this one is by Bong Joon-ho too! —shareen1126

17. Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds

Lotte Entertainment
What it’s about: Three grim reapers escort a man to the afterlife and decide his fate based on the actions he made while he was alive.

P.S. There’s a sequel out called Along With The Gods: The Last 49 Days. —s499aee9d9

18. Ode To My Father

CJ Entertainment
What it’s about: The life of an ordinary man and his experiences, including his involvement in the Korean and Vietnam War, are followed over a 60 year period.

Community review: “God, that shit had me bawling.” —sydneyhuynh

19. The Handmaiden

CJ Entertainment
What it’s about: A woman is hired to be handmaiden to a Japanese heiress, but is secretly involved in an elaborate rouse with a con man to steal her inheritance.

Community review: “The Handmaiden is definitely a must-watch! It touches on different topics, like class differences, abuse of women and sexual exploration.” —verenad3

20. The Man From Nowhere

CJ Entertainment

What it’s about: An ex-con takes on a drug and organ trafficking ring in order to save a child who he has become close to.


21. 1987: When The Day Comes

CJ Entertainment
What it’s about: The events that led to the 1987 June Democratic Uprising, which are triggered by the unlawful interrogation and death of a student protester.

Community review: “Like Parasite1987 focuses on a dark topic, but there’s comedic relief through the acting.”


22. Hope

Lotte Entertainment
What it’s about: On her way to school, a young girl is kidnapped, beaten and raped by a drunk man. She survives and is later able to identity her attacker.

Community review: “Hope is one of the best films I’ve ever seen. It’s based on the true story of the rape of a young child, so obviously very dark and depressing. Despite this, the performances are spectacular and the ending provides exactly what the title promises.” —kirbyh45e9fe43a

23. The Host

Showbox Entertainment

What it’s about: A father attempts to rescue his daughter after she is kidnapped by an unknown monster.

It’s also the highest-grossing South Korean film of all time!

Community review: “The Host is one of Bong Joon-ho’s earlier works and it’s done up like a classic horror movie. What’s not to love?”


24. Joint Security Area

CJ Entertainment
What it’s about: An international team conducts an investigation into a fatal shooting within the DMZ, the heavily fortified buffer zone between North and South Korea, to find out what actually happened.

Community review: “What makes Joint Security Area brilliant is that it’s dark, thrilling and full of suspense, but also utterly heart wrenching. Plus, it offers a great look into the Korean psyche.”


25. Miracle In Cell No. 7

Next Entertainment
What it’s about: A father, who is mentally impaired, is falsely accused and sent to prison for murder. Years later, his daughter becomes a lawyer to try and prove her dad’s innocence.

Community review: “This is the biggest tearjerker movie out there, so have your tissues ready.” —jamean

Credit: Buzzfeed