​Someone’s ‘Classic Pasta And Gravy’ Has Sparked A Massive Debate On Rate My Plate


Facebook page Rate My Plate is the epicentre of online culinary debate, with many users submitting their meals to face the wrath of the world.

Dare to cut the crusts off your bread? You’ll be branded an ‘immature, childish brat who needs to get a grip on reality’ (or thereabouts). Ketchup on your roast dinner? Don’t be surprised if the mockery start rolling in.

The latest dish under the critical eye of the internet is Kristi D’s ‘Classic Pasta and Gravy’. As you could imagine, it was met with a pretty mixed response from Facebookers.

Many people commented to say it looked like ‘explosive diarrhoea‘ over a plate of pasta (which is a delightful thought), with one person quipping: “That’s definitely a classic Kristi. A classic example of shit on a plate.”

But believe it or not, not everyone hated the combo – in fact, some people were very much on board with it.

Some people defended the cheap and cheerful meal, with some saying they even eat it regularly with cheese on top.

I love pasta and gravy have it all the time,” one commenter said, with another agreeing: “Honestly love pasta with gravy had it a few times this week.”

Of course, there were many who argued the mash-up was an ‘abomination’ to Italian cuisine – although it’s worth noting that ‘gravy’ is sometimes a term used among the Italian-American community, some of whom use it as a word for ‘sauce’… Although there’s discrepancy within this too.

Pasta and sauce or 'gravy'. Credit: PA
Pasta and sauce or ‘gravy’. Credit: PA

Plus, admittedly anyone who does use the word ‘gravy’ as part of their Italian-American lingo, somehow I highly doubt they’re ladling a nice portion of Bisto over their spaghetti, as it’s more often a reference to a tomato-based sauce.

Then there’s the argument that any logic behind Kristi D’s dish may not come from Italy at all, but from the alpine regions in the likes of Germany or Austria, where there’s a delicious type of pasta called spätzle.

Meat served with German spaetzle noodles, vegetables and gravy. Credit: PA
Meat served with German spaetzle noodles, vegetables and gravy. Credit: PA

Defending the pasta and gravy, one person said: “Spatzle (type of noodle; homemade of course) with rouladen and gravy is very very good. Always needs a good helping of braised red cabbage on the side.”

However, they weren’t entirely convinced by the Rate My Plate post, adding: “As for the above fusilli and gravy; that looks totally disgusting!”

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Rate My Plate